With each project we are dedicated to providing high quality architectural services, creative design and appropriate solutions.  We approach every project with a focus on aesthetics, functionality, and cost.  By listening to and working with our clients, we are able to understand their desire and vision for their project.  We want to become a part of that vision.  

We maintain an enthusiasm for our projects from conceptual design right through the construction process.  We form and maintain relationships with contractors, professional consultants and
specialized artist and trades people throughout the design and construction process to ensure that your project is built in an efficient manner to the highest quality standards.  We manage all stages of the project, from the schematic design phase of a project through the construction administration.

Our goal at McCoy Architecture is in creating unique and innovative structures and spaces.  We strive to create architecture that inspires, not only us as designers but architecture that is also inspiring to our clients and the larger community as well.





This is a modern hillside home using contrasting finishes of smooth towel stucco and natural wood with stone accents. This home has been designed to work within the site of a very steep hillside and by using relief and layering into the hillside we’ve created a softer and more organic flow of the façade.

We were able to design this 3,600 + sq. ft., 3 Bedroom residence, with an attached ADU, into this steep hillside by creating a vertical “circulation corridor” that allows for access from the garage on the ground level all the way through to the 4th floor Family Room & Rooftop Deck Area.




This project is a significant remodel to the historic Schnell Building in the downtown historic district oif Sausalito. The extant structure is composed of two combined buildings, one (676, south) an unreinforced brick building built in 1884, and the other a wood frame (686, north) built in 1889. The façade will be completely rehabilitated, in a manner which is stylistically evocative of the building’s original period of significance.


The two original buildings will be finished with different materials consistent with the structure’s history. The original southern 1884 building was the first 2 story brick building built in Sausalito. The existing stucco and wood trim from a 50’s remodel will be removed, and the old brick façade beneath will be restored. The existing storefronts and canvas awnings will be removed, to be replaced by inset storefront systems with side display windows. These inset storefronts will be set in wide openings. 


about us.

McCoy Architecture is founded in the idea that the human element is the key element in successful architecture.  Each project is as unique as each client.  As a community will respond to architecture; architecture should respond to its community.  Acknowledging the human element, whether an individual or community or a society, allows architecture to embody the fundamental idea that nothing defines architecture more than the inhabitants themselves. 


People define the purpose and function of structures and it is people who interact with and respond to architectural forms. Our measure of success is in creating architecture that not only meets our client's functional goals but also in creating architecture that continues to acknowledge and inspire the individuals and communities who interact with that architecture.


our team.

John McCoy, AIA, C-31578


With almost 30 years of experience in the architectural and construction fields, John McCoy brings a unique perspective to the design process.  He began his career with a high-end building company in Monterey, California.  He spent more than a decade learning the anatomy of construction, from the foundation to the finish work before directing his attention to architecture.  While pursuing his architects' license, John had the opportunity to work with and study under award winning architects in both Santa Barbara and Sausalito, California for more than ten years prior to establishing McCoy Architecture.

While working within these firms, John gained extensive knowledge and experience creating diverse types of architecture, including, Residential, Hospitality/Restaurant, Healthcare and Commercial projects.
John brings the unique approach of seeing each structure from the view of the builder while designing with architectural vision.

In 2002, John McCoy was awarded the Department of the Interior Citizens Award for Bravery.  This is the highest honor awarded to a civilian citizen.

Edward Pais


Edward Pais is a staff architect at McCoy Architecture with over 20 years of experience in architecture.  He maintains architectural licenses in California and Vermont and holds a NCARB Certificate. 


Prior to joining McCoy Architecture, he operated a sole-proprietor architecture firm for five years that specialized in residential and sustainable architecture.  Beyond his daily architectural practice, he has been invited to and served on numerous civic and non-profit boards. 


Projects that he has worked on have been the recipient of multiple awards including most recently an ACEC Engineering Excellence Merit Award and Honorable Mention at the 2016 PHIUS Passive Projects Competition.

Millard Nathan Arterberry Jr. 


Millard Arterberry is a native of San Diego, California, and attended the University of California at Berkeley. He studied and interned under Christopher Alexander and graduated with honors, receiving a Bachelors Degree in Architecture in 1995. Millard has worked for over 20 years in the architectural profession, primarily in California,. He is a LEED A.P  Millard currently resides and works in Sausalito with my wife and daughter. 


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